Two-year-olds attend class two or three days a week.  Classes meet on Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday.  Enrollment in our Twos classes is limited to 10 children (two teachers) to ensure that your child gets maximum attention and care.


Our two-year-old curriculum focuses on the following areas: language development, cognitive abilities, social/emotional development, fine and gross motor skills, and creativity.

We encourage our two-year-olds to use their words and ask questions to express their feelings. Language skills are developed as the children sing songs, listen to stories, participate in circle time, and interact with their classmates.

Cognitive activities include learning colors and shapes, counting, and sorting. Alphabet sounds are introduced with a new letter each week. Concepts of spatial positioning (top, bottom, middle, behind, beside, etc.) are explored.  Cognitive learning is accomplished through play, reading, singing, table activities, and art activities.

Encouraging the children to play with others develops their social skills.  Learning to share and communicate with other children is ongoing in our two-year-old classroom.  We encourage the children to use their words to express their feelings and develop age-appropriate emotional control.

Fine motor skills are developed through art, stacking blocks, puzzles, lacing, sorting, self-feeding, and table activities.  Gross motor skills are increased through classroom activities, a weekly music and movement time, and daily trips to the playground where the children can run, climb, jump, slide and navigate riding toys.  If your child is learning to use the toilet, our teachers will reinforce your training methods to ensure consistency at home and school.

Letting your child be creative through art is a priority in the Twos.  We let the children make decision about how they want to create their artwork by giving them choices of colors and textures. Art is a fun time for the two-year-olds; they get excited to make a unique piece of art and they eagerly anticipate what they will be creating next!

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