Toddlers meet on Wednesday and Friday each week. To enroll in our Toddler class, your child must be 12 months old and walking. Enrollment in this class is limited to 8 children (two teachers) to ensure that your child gets maximum attention and care.


Our Toddler curriculum focuses on the following areas: language development, cognitive abilities, social/emotional development, fine and gross motor skills, and creativity.

We encourage our Toddlers to talk, talk, talk!  We coach them to express themselves verbally, and expose them to language through songs, rhymes, books, and teacher cues.

Cognitive activities include exposure to colors, numbers, shapes and sounds. Cognitive learning is encouraged through play, music, arts and crafts.

Encouraging the children to play with others develops their social skills. Learning to share and communicate with other children makes them stronger socially and readies them to enter the Twos class.

Fine and gross motor skills are developed in our Toddlers through indoor and outdoor play, self-feeding, arts and crafts, and constant opportunities to try new things.

Creative arts are vital to our Toddlers’ development as well.  Letting the children choose which color of paint or glitter and how much they want to use is another way to encourage their independence and creativity. We like to paint fingers and toes as well. It is fun to get messy in Preschool!

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