Three-year-olds attend either three or five days a week. Classes meet Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Monday through Friday. Enrollment in our Threes classes is limited to fourteen children (with two teachers) to ensure that your child gets maximum attention and care.


Our Threes curriculum focuses on the following areas: language development, cognitive abilities, social/emotional development, fine and gross motor skills, and creativity.

To develop our three-year-olds’ language skills, we encourage them to describe objects and experiences. Our teachers help the children work out their disputes with words. Our Threes strengthen their verbal skills by listening to stories, participating in circle time and show and tell activities, and interacting with their peers.

Cognitive activities include learning about colors, shapes, numbers, letters, sorting, patterns, sounds, opposites, weather, feelings, name recognition, days of the week and the many, many other things that three-year-olds are curious about. Our Threes expand their cognitive abilities through reading, singing, folder activities, science, social studies, painting and other art activities.

Encouraging the children to play with others and to work their problems out independently develops their social skills. Learning to take turns with a toy and communicating with other children about their feelings is encouraged in the Threes. The Threes are given more opportunities to help in the classroom; being a line leader or a calendar helper is a big accomplishment for a three-year-old! To further build our three-year-olds’ social and emotional skills, our teachers are firm, but loving, in making sure the children learn about following classroom rules.

Fine motor skills are developed through the use of crayons, markers, stamps, play dough, paint brushes, scissors, puzzles, lacing boards, and sorting components. Gross motor skills are expanded through classroom activities, weekly music and movement class, and outside playground time. The three-year-olds are also encouraged to use the toilet, dress themselves and wash their hands on their own, thus giving them the independence they’ll need to be ready to enter the Fours.

Our Threes work on an art activity at least twice per day. The children are encouraged to cut and glue on their own, and be creative in making their artwork as colorful as possible. Their artwork is proudly displayed in the classroom and hallway. You will be amazed at all the different ways your children can create their artwork; they’ll paint with vegetables, their hands and feet, marbles, feathers, acorns, salad spinners, toothbrushes, and any other creative tools our teachers come up with.

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