School Opening Fall 2020

We are actively planning to reopen our preschool and kindergarten the week of September 14th for the 2020 school year. Tours can be scheduled here on the website. Please stay in touch via email to ask any questions you may have here: or call the school to leave a message to request more detailed information.

First Days of School:

September 14th – Kindergarten & M-F 4’s

September 15th – T-F 4’s &  M-F 3’s

September 16th – MWF 3’s & MWF 2’s (Arrival time: 10 am for the first week only for the 2’s)

Open Houses

In-Person and Virtual open houses will be held as follows:

In-Person Open House:

September 8th – Kindergarten @ 10 am (Ms. Carol)

September 9th – All 4’s @ 10 am (Ms. Nadya/Ms. Niral)

September 10th – MWF 2’s @ 10 am (Ms. Robin)

September 11th – All 3’s @ 10 am (Ms. Kathy)

Virtual open houses will be held the same day in the evening. An email will be sent from the child’s teacher inviting each family to the Zoom virtual meeting.


The following openings are still available for the 2020/21 school year:
MWF 2’s (3 spots available)

Click on the REGISTRATION tab to register for the 2020-21 school year.

Supply Lists

Please find the 2020-21 school year supply lists here on the website. Because we know many items might not be readily available right now, we wanted to publish the lists so you can begin to purchase items when you can. Wish list items are appreciated but not required.

35 Years & Counting!

Congratulations to us! St. Matthew’s Preschool and Kindergarten celebrated 35 years of learning this year.

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