School Closed

Good Friday  – Friday, April 2nd
Spring Break  – April, 5th – April 9th

Donuts with Dads, Grandpas & Uncles

Donuts with Dad is scheduled for April 21-23. Please see the list below to see which day your child will participate with their dad, grandpa, uncle or any other significant other. NOTE: Due to Covid protocols, only one attendee per child may attend.

Children will be dropped off at school at the regular carpool time. Attendees will then wait for the program to begin at 10 am at the picnic tables in the pavilion. Dads will have their picture taken and receive their gift there.

Wed, April 21st – MWF 3’s, Kindergarten
Thurs, April 22nd – T/Th 2’s, T/Th 3’s, M-F 3’s
Fri, April 23rd – MWF 2’s, Fours

Registration for 2021/2022

Some of our classes are already full for next year. If you know of anyone interested, please have them contact us soon.

Openings available:
W/F Toddlers – 5
MWF Twos – 2
T/Th Twos – 8
M-F Threes – FULL
MWF Threes – FULL
M-F Fours – FULL
T-F Fours – FULL
Kindergarten – FULL

Spring Pictures 4/27 & 4/28

Pictures are taken by Beth Wrobel. Please keep an eye out for picture envelopes to come home after Spring Break! She will be taking individual, class pictures, and Kindergarten graduation photos.

Tuesday April 27th – T/Th 2’s, T/Th 3’s, M-F 3’s & Kindergarten
Wednesday, April 28th – MWF 2’s, MWF 3’s, & Fours

Final Tuition Payment Due April 15th & 30th

Back at the beginning of the school year, we announced that since we were beginning school a month later than usual that we would extend the school year by ½ month. (The last day of school is May 28th.)

This means a full month’s tuition payment is due on April 15th, as usual. But an additional ½ month’s tuition is due on April 30th which pays for the last 2 weeks of May and is the last payment of the school year.

See list below for the amount due for your child:

Due April 15th                  Due April 30th
Full month’s tuition:         ½ month’s tuition:
$180                                 $  90.00
$200                                 $100.00
$220                                 $110.00
$250                                 $125.00
$285                                 $142.50

Sundaes with Mom – May 5th – 7th at 12:30 pm

Come join us for an Ice cream sundae and special songs performed just for Mom. Look for a special invite to come home after Spring Break! NOTE: Due to Covid protocols, only one attendee per child may attend.

Wednesday, May 5th  – MWF 3’s, Kindergarten
Thursday, May 6th – T/Th 2’s, T/Th 3’s, & M-F 3’s
Friday, May 7th – MWF 2’s & Fours

Graduation Days

Kindergarten Graduation 
When: Monday, May 24th
Time:  6:30 pm

Preschool Fours Graduation 
When:  Tuesday, May 25th
Time:   6:30pm

Graduation ceremonies will be held in the Church Gardens followed by a reception. Children should arrive between 6:10-6:15 to allow time for them to use the restroom and affix graduation gowns and/or caps. Please dress in Casual Sunday Best.

Last Days of School

The last days of school are:

  • Thursday, May 27 for all T/Th classes
  • Friday, May 28 for all others

Summer Camps

We are in the process of planning our summer camps. Mark your calendars for June 21-25 and July 19-23. We will be holding only 2 camps this summer. Camp is available to rising 2 year olds-rising 1st graders. (Children who have not turned two years of age, by the onset of any given camp, may only attend 2 days.) Rising 4 year olds must be fully potty- trained to attend.

The Preschool will provide a snack and children will bring a lunch each day.

Camp #1: Star Spangled Camp – June 21-25
Camp #2: Ocean/Beach – July 19-23

Time: 9:30am-1:30pm
Cost: $100 per session

You can register on our website:

Events to Know:

April 2nd – Good Friday – School Closed
April 5th-9th – Spring Break – School Closed
April 15th-Tuition Payment Due
April 21st – 23rd – Breakfast with Dad
April 26th –May 7th – 4’s & Kindergarten Conferences
April 27th – 28th – Class & Individual Pictures
April 30th – Final Tuition Payment due
May 3 – 7th – Teacher Appreciation Week
May 5th – 7th – Sundaes w/Mom @ 12:30
May 24th – Kindergarten Graduation @ 6:30 pm
May 25th – Preschool Fours Graduation @ 6:30 pm
May 27th – Last day of School for T/Th classes
May 28th – Last day of School for all other classes

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