My three sons all loved their time spent at St. Matthew’s…so many fun activities and art projects all year long…the music program is so much fun for the kids, and their little concerts are some of my best memories…so sweet…and they came home with the BEST school pictures compared with public school…the teachers are excellent and really care about your children. and my boys were very prepared for public school after attending St. Matthew’s!

My daughter loves preschool at St Matthews. They are a wonderful school full of caring teachers. They are very inclusive. She makes the cutest things at school. She enjoys her classmates and her teachers. I totally recommend the school to any parent.

My 4 children have all gone to St. Mathews Preschool. My eldest is 17 and my youngest is 5. We love all the teachers and the administration is fabulous! My children were all ready for public school when they graduated. We are currently enrolled in the kindergarten program and my son loves it!

K. Johnson

A wonderful example for what all preschools should aspire to be! Intelligent, creative, and caring staff. As a family, we have received more from this school than we ever could have hoped for. All 3 of our children have been or are currently enrolled. We are so very thankful for finding St. Matthews!

C. Mwakamui

Can’t say enough great things about this school! The staff are so kind and courteous and always available. They have a personal relationship with each kid and really make it a fun place to go to school. My child loves it and is so excited to ‘school day’! Simply an amazing school!

Gabriele M

Amazing teachers and staff! They are so nurturing and caring with the children. My kids beg to go to school!

H. Andrews

Great School! All four of my girls went there and they all have such wonderful memories. You will love it!

A. Fox

I can’t tell this school how great they are daily because it just isn’t enough. God is working here strongly through you & our little ones!! Sooo thankful!!

C. Dowell