Friends of St Matthews Preschool & Kindergarten

This is a list of resources and small businesses that are “parent” owned. They support us by either donating a portion of their proceeds to our school, volunteering their time and services to help with school programs.  Each time you use one of these local businesses, they will donate a specified amount to our school.  We thank you and them for your generous contributions!


Snellville Websites: Whether you prefer a website that exudes professionalism, conveys an instant sense of value, elicits a specific emotion, or is as visually appealing as it is informative—Snellville Websites has you covered.


Find Your Momentum: A mom of four, Maggie is committed to finding fitness solutions that work for busy moms and students of all fitness levels. If a gym isn’t the right fit for you, or if you’re looking to supplement those gym experiences with classes that are more gathering than workout, we just might be the right fit for you.


PastTensePosters has been designing patent prints and patent posters since March 2015.

Our most popular items are our sports patent prints and invention patent prints. We also specialize in design, so feel free to ask us to create a special project for you.

Check out the store today!


John Madajewski, Decatur’s senior engineer since 2002 is also a woodworker. He currently exhibits and sells his work at Home-Grown Decatur.

Click here to visit his Artist Page at Home-Grown Decatur to learn more.


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